Saturday, April 18, 2009

Thanks For the Ride, Papa

Last week was Alli's birthday. She turned 8. (hmmm, maybe I should record that, she might wanna remember it :)

The day after her birthday we traveled to Joplin to meet Daniel's parents for an outing at Chuck-E-Cheese and some dress shopping for the little girls. Now, Papa and Nana have never even done a trip to McDonalds Playland, so a visit to Chuck-E-Cheese? WOW.

They did real well; Papa and Nana that is. :)

The kids, including Daniel, enjoyed playing tons of games, meeting "Chuckie" and eating pizza. Afterwards, "the girls" walked over to the mall for some dress shopping and the "men" went driving around.

Now, the ladies came back with some great deals. Two beautiful dresses 50% off and a cutie pie outfit for Judah but what did the boys come back with?

This mean machine:

(and they say girls like to spend the money :)

Now, Papa had already pulled up with a tiny, child size 4-wheeler that needed some work done on it. So the boys had left to find a place to get it tuned up and they returned with this.

The kids said "Wow! Did you get it painted?" ha! Yeah, and about 5inches raised, and all new parts, and even a Title! :)

Being a momma you can imagine my fear of my babies driving that mean machine. So, I left that up to daddy. As soon as we got home they were on that thing. AFTER the governor was placed, of course ;) awww mom!

But they are doing real well. Daniel goes out there with them each day to practice riding and they really are getting the hang of it. Only once have I heard, "Mom! Guess what! I hit the fence today"

I replied:

Oh, how nice. Do you wanna still ride? (in a sweet smiling voice) "Yes", Alli said, confused. "Well", I said "Don't tell me that ever again." :)

So, as long as I can stick my head in the sand until they are like 15 we should be good.

No, really it has been a lot of fun. Twice we have went on some great trails with the big red one and the new little one. Whose name is, Pink Camo, I might add. The big red one was something passed along to us by our Papa too. It is real funny to drive through the beautiful park and pass peoples houses with our big, tall daddy driving the little pink one and I on the big red one :) But the little one is too jerky for me, especially with the baby.

Here are a couple pictues from our fun ride earlier this week.

Thanks Papa for the ride, we love it!


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