Friday, April 17, 2009

Didn't Mean to Leave You Hanging

I didn't mean to leave you hanging about the camp out. :)

Dad came home and said they could camp. He said, "Why not? They'll just be coming inside in one hour anyway." So camping it was.

The bundled up, and headed outside.

Then 5 min. later, they were back inside.

They said, "Well, ummmmm..... ya know..... snakes and all." "Plus it IS really cold."

So they camped out in the school room instead. Hey, we left the window open, it was like sleeping outside. :)

There once was a day where I would have said, "See, I told you it was too cold" or even put my foot down and said "No, there is no way you two little girls are sleeping outside." but what would they have learned from that?

The next day Alli said, "Man mom, you told us over and over it was going to be cold but we wouldn't listen to you. I guess you knew after all."

Go figure. I do know something after all :)


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