Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Votes Are In!

Well, the votes are in.

The results of the poll taken here:
30% Obama
70% McCain

Obama was not the preferred president for those of you who polled here at Our Glorious Days; however he was the elected President outside of "bloggerville."

How do you feel about it?


  1. Sad and concerned. It is going to be in interesting four years.

  2. Hopeful. I think God can use anyone to do his will. We might not like it but that's the way it is. Doesn't the Bible tell us to not worry but trust in the Lord? I am trusting him today and if bad things happen then he'll give us the grace we need to get through them. God Bless America.

  3. Very well said kristiesue, isn't it such a wonderful thing, resting in the arms of a savior? In all situations, politics included...

    If we pray for God's will to be done and we believe God answers prayers according to His will, then we need to just trust Him.

    Oh, let us not forget how blessed we are as Americans...most of us would not make it one day in another country without all these rights.

    Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. God knows what is hidden deep within their politic blood. Who knows, pro life or pro choice, maybe McCain isn't as much of a christian leader as some thought. Not for us to know I suppose.

  5. I agree with my friend Rick Bennett--I feel sorry for angry people that assume God is as angry as they are.

  6. TOTALLY agreed Landis! Well said. It is a very sad thing how mean people are being.

    I wonder what people would be like if they knew one of their followers would betray them. Would they wash their feet?

    I must say though, I have some friends who have taken the McCain loss with sadness but not hatefulness. I appreciate them.

  7. So when are they ever going to call Missouri? I've got bragging rights at sake here!

  8. Come on Landis, it's Missouri =) We do things slow around here. (Actually I thought McCain had won it until you sent this message. Then I looked into it.)

    Now I've got to know, who do you have bragging rights at sake with?


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