Saturday, November 1, 2008

A November 1st Resolution

Ha! That is like the worst title I have ever came up with. It's suppose to be a pun off " A New Year's resolution" I know, I know... It's nothing like a pun.

Point is, I have a new resolution: More Posts, More Often.

I just have too much wonderful stuff to share! When I don't do it more often I get overwhelmed and don't know what to write first. SO, now that we are settled in, it's back to business baby! I know, like you care. But hey, it's coming your way like it or not! :-) smiley faces and all.

Do you need a random picture to complete your day? Well, wait no more! I have one for you...

This is my kitchen window seal, one of my favorite places in our new home. A wonderful welcome home card from a friend and a beautiful piece of fabric tied into a bow.

Simple and good.

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  1. guess who gets to go to silver dollar city this weekend?! I'm SO excited. especially since i think the christmas lights and everything are up and all. anyway, i totally want to grow up and can food like you, kati! i'm not just saying that. i think it's awesome and totally little-house-on-the-prairie of you.


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