Thursday, July 31, 2008

An Afternoon With Dad

Yesterday the kids and I traveled to Everton, MO to visit Daniel at camp. It was a much needed refreshment. Normally I don't need a Daddy dose (actually I have never visited him during a week of camp) but since things have been kind of crazy lately we thought... "Why not make today an even crazier day! Let's all pack up and go visit dad."

And I'm glad we did because a great time was had by all.

Fun in the pool, (aka Jordan getting thrown in)...

She seemed to come out ok though,

After swimming, the kids enjoyed some fun at the park while mom and dad had some big people talk...

Then it was time for a game with Dad...

The kids always think they can beat him; I don't know why...I CAN'T EVEN BEAT HIM!

Last but not least; being kids in the mud after a little rain storm...

It is so fun to know that the students in the youth group feel enough like family that they run up and throw our kids in the pool or push Judah around in his little floaty. Those Jr. Highers are the best! I enjoyed talking with the students about their week so far and even had the opportunity to share in some adult conversation with the other wives who went for the whole week and had taken their children.

After all the 'fun in the sun' Daniel convinced me to stay for dinner. Camp spaghetti, can't go wrong with that :-)

By the end of our trip, the kids were sacked. Well, at least the little kids.

That Alli always holds in there...

not Judah though...

Jordan was asleep too but I couldn't get a picture of that cutie pie without wrecking!

AND of course I can't stop there... we stopped by the house on our way home to do a little more packing up/cleaning. Boy, I'll be glad when that chore is over.

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