Monday, June 18, 2012

Meditate on this sweetness today, friends.

This Monday, this week, this month--may you be encouraged, challenged, and helped by the words of Katie...

yet again.

We will resume James tomorrow.

..."I believe the lie that I must meet expectation, and I try harder. I stay up later answering emails and I desperately try to finish a book that I said I would endorse and I organize the bookshelves and wipe down the counters again. I brush past the children who hold my heart in order to be a “good mother” who has homemade food on the dinner table on time. We finish lessons and recite Psalms and fold laundry and welcome visitors. Life gets too busy, it gets so fast and so full that at the end of the day it can feel just empty." -Katie Davis

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Thankful for her,