Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Just Sit and Do It-- sometimes he's so to the point.

Because sometimes I get so wrapped up in doing everything "right" I forget to do it.

So I took those cutie pie little pictures I found from two years ago, and wrote a little message on them.

It's simple and important. ; ) 

Just because it's simple doesn't mean it's not important--so why do we so often forget to do it?
It's a little like gathering to read the Bible. Why do we feel that is such a big deal? Perhaps for you, this is not the case. However, for me it is a new reality, one I've only only grasped within the past year and it has effected everything in my life:

Stop making a big deal of everything -- quit trying to make everything perfect--


What am I so involved in that it is causing me to be uninvolved in the most important things?

I can be involved in good things. The things I am doing might not be bad, they may even be things given to me from God--life changing, family altering things. However, if the way I manage those tasks take me away from the King? Away from fellowship with Him? 

I feel I could go on and on about this, talking about all the things God has taught me. But the truth is -- God only asked me that question and He left the rest up to me. Isn't it funny how God teaches? It's usually just a simple thought that challenges us.

Today, may you be challenged in each and every area of your life. From the time you sit and what you do while you sit, to conversations you have with your Heavenly Father. May you walk with Him as you shop for good deals at the grocery store and while you wipe tears on cheeks. From mending hearts, to loving enemies.

May you walk with him {dance with Him} in this crazy journey of life.

A nugget for you today, my friends. May this video challenge you and touch your heart in a way only God can do.

[pause the music?]

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