Thursday, April 5, 2012

Masking Tape and All

When your white-out has been torn up once.again and you feel like it's the last straw and you're going to break... just remember,

it's not always going to be this way.

When you're kitchen is a mess and you could have cooked it faster... remember, even though they make messes, they love to cook with you.

When they're only two... remember no matter what the age, they have a great sense of humor. 

When you're worried about that special gift... remember old books, ripped, and torn are still a joy on Christmas morning. 

When you don't know how to react to what she just said, remember her eyes and how they're always watching you. 

When you're teaching the simple things like ABC's and 123's Remember, even though he's young... he teaches others. {like perhaps the cutie pie little neighbor girl?}

When they run through the house all crazy making a mess... remember how much they just love being together. 

When they seem so selfish, remember how much they really love to help others. 

When they're loud and crazy, remember how they find such joy in the simple things.

When they cry and whine over worksheets and handwriting; remember, it's time together that teaches them most.

When you wonder if they'll even like you when they're grown, remember the fun times together. 

When he's grown and building things all on his own, remember when he helped with fake mustaches painted on his face. 

When you're tired and feeling like you're going to go crazy...  remember how blessed you are that you get to experience with them.

 When she asks you to sit and read with her... remember, she's growing up so fast.

When they bicker and fight... remember how much they love just.being.together.

When she takes her shirt off, yet again... remember, she won't always be naked and she'll laugh at those pictures with you when she's grown. 

When they've done it again. 

Torn it up.



Acted selfish.

When you wondered if you're doing anything right.

If they'll even like you, if they even care. 

When you wonder if you will ever be able to leave the white-out in the open, on the counter... 

Remember, they are the ones who made the little sock monkey a diaper out of masking tape. 

Then pick them up, give them a high five, or just squeeze them tight and thank God for your blessings. 

Masking tape and all. 

 Teaching today & always =)

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