Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It sure isn't a fancy life, but it's still glorious.

My life is not very fancy but I sure do wish it was.

What? Surprised? 

We don't stress over family pictures.

We just wait until one comes out sort-of good.

 And our baby? Yeah, she fixes her own hair most days.

School? We like to make it fun.

Old sheets around here are most likely turned into super hero capes or fort curtains.

Post-it notes never last. 

There are never too many hands in the kitchen.

And we decorate the best we can for "homegrown" birthday parties.

Sometimes, there's only four oranges left to share. 

And the kids always beg for candy at the check out. 

There are times, yes, when our towels do not fit and our hair is not rinsed. 

Most days, I just take pictures of the cute little things I would buy at the book store and come home to put them on my "one day" list.

We kind of make fun wherever we can. 

And try to learn in each moment, even if it's scary.

We kind of think sweet tea and mint from the garden are a match made in heaven. 

Sometimes, we just have to make up our own entertainment. (Yes, that's Judah's booty next to Angus' head) =)

It sure isn't a fancy life, but it's still pretty glorious. 

"What makes our days glorious isn't what we do or what we've done but what Jesus does. He makes everything Glorious."

May you enjoy the glory in your day, friend.


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