Friday, March 9, 2012

Noodles, Boxes, and Little Chickens-- it's all in a days work.

I pour the noodles into the gravy and load up the boxes to go.

Along with boxes, I load little children. 

Poems and hot lunch to share, the making of a great rainy afternoon.

From time to time, the big girls like to go up to a house all by themselves. In fact, as of about a month ago, Alli, my oldest, makes the calls on Thursday mornings to remind people we are coming. 

This is the bridge, you might remember my mention of it in a prior post. It's the bridge that brings us home.

Returning home, we clean up the memories made that morning in our kitchen.

Then the kids gather with their chicks and read books to them.

Life if so crazy, isn't it?


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