Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tip Toe Into Our Little World For Just a Moment...

The days are fleeting. January will soon be here. 

Busy as "santa's elves" here at the Gibson home. Each day brings something new, the calender is packed full. Try as I might, it still happens. So, just focusing on the moments that are not full and filling them with things that matter.

A couple Eleos updates have ran in our local paper and I have failed to update here. This is the latest one:

Eleos Outreach Update:
Tis the season to share LOVE! Actually, I suppose it's always the season for that, isn't it?

Some of you might recall our offered service last month of raking leaves. I just cannot explain how great that was! Having our children out and about loving people AND playing in leaves... well, that's the best of both worlds ; ) To those of you who called and allowed us to help, thank you.

Praise the Lord, Thursday meals are going great and we are so happy we don't have to take a Thursday off this month because Christmas falls on Sunday! Speaking of Christmas, that time is upon us and we are so excited! This time of the year more than any, people are in a giving spirit. Knowing this, I hope you are making every effort to get out and love on some people this holiday season! Here are a few ideas to help you get out and about this holiday season, maybe you'll make a new friend!

*Bake goodies for your neighbors.
*Have your children make a homemade craft for an elderly person on your street.
*Read to an elderly person for one hour a week or just visit them and ask them about their childhood Christmas memories.
*Ask your children about the kids at school, is there a family who is struggling that you could help?
*When you are eating dinner out, pick a random family to bless with a free dinner, catch their waitress and tell them you want the bill, but keep it a secret.
*Take goodies to your local businesses, thanking them for their services.
*Take time to get to know your mailman/lady. They are working hard this time of year, leave them a little treat in the mailbox.
*Go Christmas caroling.

We will be out and about Christmas Caroling for our Thursday meal people, Wednesday Dec 21st 6-8pm. If you or someone you know would like to have a little Christmas fun with us, feel free to come along! Afterward, we will gather at our home for hot cocoa and snacks. It's a church night and schedules are busy but we thought we'd put the offer out there anyway! If you'd like more info or you'd like to go, call us. I cannot tell you how much this little, simple thing brings joy to people! Remember, many of our area Seniors are shut in their home and unable to get out. What a great way to bring the joy of Christmas to them!

Blessings to you this Holiday Season and always!
The Gibson Family
Daniel, Kati & the other five =)

Our Alli, who started Public School last fall is returning home... whew! Glad that is over. Man, we miss that girl! I now value Homeschooling in a whole new way and at a much higher level. We are not political about homeschooling, we don't let the government or anything like that effect our decisions of school but now, knowing how blessed I am to give my children the education I feel is best AND be with them all day... it is absolutely priceless.

On a lighter note, she is having a little sleepover for her school friends and a few other girls tonight since she won't be going back. It's a Polar Express PJ Party. =)

Giggles will be filling our home tonight, folks.

This past weekend we had our annual "g-tribe hide and shop" That is where we all go to the mall and split up to do shopping. Daniel and I divide the kids between us and take them shopping for each other. Except, they only have 30-45 min and $10 of their own money to spend per person. They will buy a gift for Daniel and I and each other. It is so fun tucking in and out of stores, asking stores for empty bags so the other team doesn't know where you went shopping... After 30-45 min, we switch. It's a fun tradition.

Next year, we are doing Christmas a lot different. After several years of compromise about rather or not we should do gifts, we have decided to stop compromising and give all Christmas to other people and not to ourselves. It is something we have struggled with for a long time. This year, many of our close friends received a gift in their name of something special to World Vision.

After Thanksgiving this year, we all gathered around the fireplace one night and chose what we thought was best to get. Everyone voted and the final verdict was a share of an Ox,  share of a Fresh Clean Water Well, and a share of a Donkey. But that just wasn't enough. We could have done more. Instead, we filled our tree with things for ourselves. =( 

Really, in our home, we just explain it away... 

"Well, we never by the kids toys." 
"Hey, we never buy ourselves anything for fun."
"Oh, we really need that,"

After reading this post by Ann Voskamp, both Daniel and I finally broke. We had already shared with others, but it wasn't our best fruit. Our best fruit went under the tree.

It was fun during this years hide and shop, talking with each other about how great next year will be.

The kids were saying things like...

"What will we buy for others?"

"Oh, remember all those things we wanted to get from the catalog but didn't!?"

"Oh, think about all the things we can send our sponsored child,  Jonnah in Zambia!"

I couldn't beleive, even the kids were excited!

Meanwhile, I was thinking...

"I won't be out and about stressing about buying gifts."

"We will have more time to focus on what really matters."

"Maybe we'll get through every day of our Advent Devotion next year."

I think it is just like all those other chains in our lives, once we finally let go... we are set free.

My chains are gone,
I've been set free.

Amazing Grace.

So Amazing,
it consumes us,
challenges us,
convicts us,
humbles us.

I'll write more soon!

Living To Love,

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