Friday, August 5, 2011

To All My Homeschool Mommas...

This place is amazing. I called today to see if they had this, and this. They had both... which is totally crazy! Not to mention, the cost is a quarter of the original sales price and they gladly ship. Just call them to see if they have what you need.

Super nice ladies, I've met them both... but I'm sure you knew I'd just have to meet them =) I'm a meeting kind of gal!

BUSY, busy here getting ready for this school year. So excited, God is so good, teaching me new things every day.

A picture of what is going on in my home right now: Jordan and Judah on the piano, Judah just burped, everyone exploded in laughter. Alli painting next to me and Emmyn playing legos, fully clothed... that's a big deal. Just read Katie's blog, we're going to start a "go visit Katie jar." I have to meet her. Actually, I have to move and help her, just pack up my little family and go. However, *sigh* God just doesn't see things my way, how come? 

Judah and Jordan are now kicking a ball in the kitchen; they're talking about "double-bedding". Oh, they've moved to the hallway and Emmyn has joined them, leaving legos behind.

I digress.


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