Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Eleos, Week--- Hmmm, I Don't Know.

Twenty pounds of ground turkey.
Three pounds of cheese.
One pot of rice.
Sixty corn tortillas.
A whole lot of spices; all to make Enchilada's.
Two crock pots full of beans to mash for the side.
Two stones hot from the oven with Mexican Pie

Eight mangoes.
Two pounds of strawberries.
Two cups of blueberries.
One pound of grapes.
Three apples.
One pineapple.
And six huge oranges.  

Twenty-Three to-go containers for the main dish.

Twelve containers for Mexican Pie.

Eleven containers for Fresh Fruit.

One Van.
One Momma.
Four Kids.
A list.
A route mapped out.
1 1/2 hours.

All for Thursday's home food delivery for sweet elderly people.


320 biscuits.
20 gallons of gravy.
Several gallons of juice.
2 huge roasting warmers.
300 plates, forks, cups, and napkins.
Praying it's enough.

All for Saturday's Free Community Breakfast. 

Things like this are what keep me humbled before the King. 

And to think, it's just a little thing, in a little place. But yet, It keeps me so humbled depending on only strength from the Father. 

May you be depending deeply on Him.


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