Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pictures From Home

So many of you have asked what we've been up to and how we are doing.
Well, we are doing absolutely wonderful, thanks so much!
We are all unpacked, decorated, settled, and learning each day.
I thought I'd post a few peeks at life here in Oklahoma. 

Trail through the woods behind our house that leads to Nana and Papa's.
Our kiddos and the Phipps girls made it.
They did such a great job.
Judah and Daddy working on our ghetto cabinets.
What I see out my kitchen window on a rainy day. I have yet to capture the sunrise, it is beautiful.

First fire of the season.
Emmyn was so excited.
Nice and warm on a cold, rainy night.
Jordan and Judah snuggled up for Daddy reading, Little House in the Big Woods, before bed.
A little sneak at school sweetness.
Caught Judah dancing in the living room.
Glance into the crazy long kitchen, which I actually really like. (Funny, I'm sitting in that chair right now. Creepy, I know)
A walk we went on today.