Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Heavy Heart

I just received a call from a friend. She has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

She went for just a normal exam but received such sad news.

When she told me my heart just sunk. Still now, I am just so sad. I am always taken back in amazement by how quickly our lives can change.

My heart is sad for her. My heart is sad for her husband, her children, her mother who lives so far away but is so very close to her and for her very close friends.

I am only sad for the news, for the suddenness of it all and for the shock she has had to endure. Well, and also for the conviction it gives me I suppose. It makes me feel so selfish for all the things I take for granted in my life. I know our God is a God of healing so I pray his Will, will be done in her sweet life.

Please pray with me for wisdom, strength, support, healing, and comfort for them. What a wonderful time this is for them to take and hold close all of those things we take so much for granted. While praying for them, take time to think of all the meaningless things, we too, take for granted each day.

I'll keep you updated on her beautiful story.


  1. What is her next step?

  2. That is such a wonderful question! I cannot believe I didn't say anything about that!!

    She is scheduled for an MRI tonight to see if it has spread throughout her lymph nodes or to the other breast. Then she meets with the surgeon on Monday to see what kind of surgery she needs and when they will do it. She thinks they will operate as soon as next week!!


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