Monday, December 22, 2008

Busy Like Little Bees

Here is what we are doing today:

When we have a lot of stuff to get done this is how we do it.

Everyone has individual chores through the week but every now and then we need to do a deep cleaning/hands and knees type of cleaning. So, since we are going to be home having a pretty lazy Christmas week we are going to get all of our work done today so we can enjoy our week!

As the kids get each chore done they get the stars equivalent to that job. When I finish my chore I get the kisses equivalent... the kids pick how many I get. (They were very generous with the toilets! I think they're just glad they are not the ones doing it =)

The music is up loud, gotta run!

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  1. your household must run like a well-oiled machine! i LOVE all your posts have such a SWEET spirit and it comes thru in your writing. I always pray that Adilynn has a sweet spirit and when I think of it, I always think of you. Hope you guys have a wonderful holiday!!


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