Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Case and Point

This would be the reason I am afraid of the dentist.

Last TUESDAY (yes, over a week ago) I went to have a filling checked because it had cracked. I have never been to a dentist in this area so I was venturing into uncharted waters.

When he told me I was going to need a temporary filling and then come back for 2 CROWNS I started to cry my little head off. Then he told me, "It's going to be ok, we have Dental Credit" (WHAT?!) he continued: "today we will do a temporary filling to relieve the pain and then I can prove I am gentle."

ummmm, Mr. Dentist... my face is bruised, and I can only open my jaw 1/2 way.

Case and Point.

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  1. oh my goodness! you poor thing!!! that looks like it hurts!!! take care of yourself!


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