Monday, October 20, 2008

How Lucky Am I?


Can you believe I am sneaking a post before 10:30 pm or later? Well, Daniel is gone with the kids to a Freshman, Ozark vs. Nixa football game and I am here with one hour to spare before the last night of our Created to be His Helpmeet book/bible study.

I have missed more nights than I have attended I think =( I am so glad to be able to go tonight. When Daniel told me today there was a game that some of the youth students were playing in, I thought "oh no, I can't cancel AGAIN" but then he said "so, can the kids and I eat a little early so we can make it by 5:30?" I said well, "we're in luck! Dinner is already started", it was 12:30.

It's a funny thing, which I know most of you will relate... I never have just one hour during the day. But to be honest, I don't really ever want it either. I enjoy my little ones and my big one I might add. =) I will take one hour with that big guy any day!

But what can I say? I have one hour today. And think I will be crazy and file my nails ; the laundry will just have to wait!

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  1. LOL...I should have looked at your nails tonight! It was so great to see you, and see you're family. They are all so sweet. :)


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