Thursday, August 7, 2008

An End to a Great Day

Well, it was a wonderful day.

The morning started early over coffee and talking with my hubby on the couch, followed by fresh french toast with my family. Then Daddy was off to work.

The kids and I had a play date planned at the Shepard's house from 11am-1pm. There were three moms there and 13 children (14, if you count Candi's sweet baby girl due in November) Now, not only were there 13 children, but 11 of them were girls! Yep... one, age 13 and the rest nine and under! We had a great time. There was not one argument, tattle or tear; they all played perfect and even enjoyed a sweet little picnic on a checkered sheet outside on the ground.

After our play date we picked up Daddy for a quick peek at a house. Nope, don't get your hopes up... it's a no go :-)

After we took Dad back to work we headed home. It was just too beautiful to stay indoors though so Alli, Jordan, Judah, Cooper (one of the Simpson's dogs) and I headed outside for a walk. During our walk we stopped off at the assisted living place here by the Simpson's house and met several people; we hope to visit again soon.

When we got back from our nice long walk Daniel was home from work. I made dinner for him and the kids then I got ready for a night out on the town :-)

Yep! For the first time in Gibson family blogging history mom went out on the town without dad or the kids... WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?

Tonight was Ladies Night Out at our church. We went out to eat and to a play. It was a nice evening. We ate at a fancy Chinese restaurant where I had the chicken fried rice and even tried a crab ragoon. (is that even how you spell that?) For those of you who know me, that is a BIG deal... I do not try new things, especially if I don't even know how to spell them! Then at the theater I even got a little crazy and snuck my coffee into my seat! Well, I didn't really "sneak in" per say, I walked in with it knowing it was against the rules. Ok, I did walk in a very fast pace and convinced my friend Cindy to break the rules too... we totally felt like we were stealing. Every time they darkened the lights I took a sip of my delicious coffee. Brew-ha-ha... I'm in it deep now, somebody better help me. :-)

While I was gone Daniel and the kids went to the local farmers market to select some delicious fruit and veggies then they took a trip to the park.

When I came home Daniel and a student were hanging out. That is always a great thing to come home to. No seriously... I love that! In fact, they are still in there as I type :)

It is wonderful when living in someone else's house doesn't stop the building of relationships! It's a great way to end the day.

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  1. Just a quick little hello from your REBEL-FRIEND!!! That coffee WAS good, wasn't it!?! tee hee!!

    I love you girl!!


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